A course designed by Max La Rocca
to approach the Cocktail Competitions
with Planning, Creativity, Charisma
but above all .. WITHOUT STRESS!

raise your hand if..

✔︎ You get the competition rules and you don't know where to start studying
✔︎ You have difficulty memorizing your presentation
✔︎ Your hands are shaking while you are pouring or using your Bar Tools
✔︎ You don't know what the judges expect from you and what they prioritize
✔︎ You are afraid of forgetting to pour an ingredient
✔︎ Shyness takes over and you freeze out
✔︎ You don't know what to do if things don't go the way you want



The truth is that you already have everything you need because the Bar is your passion, your life, but nobody teaches us to use our strengths in our daily work to make a difference when we go on stage in a Competition!

how would you feel if..

✔︎ You knew a method to plan your Competition study effectively, without getting to the last day before the Competition with a sense of frustration and anxiety?
✔︎ You were able to understand how to engage your customers and colleagues in your creative process?
✔︎ You know a foolproof
method to remember your speech?
✔︎ You were able to interact with the Judges in a charismatic and convincing manner?
✔︎ You know exercises that stimulate your creativity, helping you to develop your concepts to better show your skills and uniqueness?
✔︎ You were able to have a great energy and the right focus during your performances?

what bartenders say about the course


Competitions are not for me..
How to overcome limiting beliefs

Before/during/after your competition

Types of judges

What the judges expect

How to improve creativity

How to plan the study sessions

The Art of Storytelling

How not to go overtime

Presentation Skills

How to relax, focus and get energised

Getting organised and rehearsing

Overcoming Panic and getting more confident

Visualisation as a creative process

The power of having a plan…B

Memory techniques for your speech

How to visual map your routines

How to get feedback from your Judges in an efficient way

why should you listen to me?

I have created hundreds of concepts and themes for Cocktail Competitions, created evaluation criteria used by the Best Judges in the World, supported and coached thousands of Bartenders in their Competitions and I've been the Winner of International Cocktail Competitions.

I am part of the judging panel of prestigious events like Tales of the Cocktails, 50 Best Bars and for 7 years I held the role of World Class Competition Ambassador for Europe, inspiring the Community of Bartenders as Speaker, Trainer, Mentor and Judge of Cocktail Competitions.

i'm your biggest fan!

To your Success, Max La Rocca

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